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Moving and Homeowner Tips

Get the most out of moving and enjoying your new home with these helpful articles from Cassidy's. We'll be continuing to share tips we've learned in over 100 years of helping people make the move to a better home experience.

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  • Cassidys storage box

    A Tour of Our Ottawa Storage Facility

    Want to see the inside of our storage warehouse in Ottawa? This photo tour will show you the inside of our secure facility - at least the parts you don't need security clearance to see!

  • Top Choice Award 2015

    Cassidy's Wins Top Choice Award for 2015

    Thank you Ottawa! We're pleased and proud that you voted us Ottawa's Best Moving Company in 2015.

  • How to Declutter

    Declutter with these 5 Tips

    Tired of the clutter and never having a tidy home? Cut through it all with these 5 simple tips to a mess-free life. You’ll feel better almost instantly - and you can even make it fun for your family.

  • Moving your home with bicycles video

    Cassidys Returns to Traditional Trucks

    Well, it’s over! We’re done with bikes. It was a wild ride, and we learned a lot, but boy are we tired! We hope you’ll settle for truck moving.

  • Moving your home with bicycles video

    New Moving Service - Bike Move

    Huge news! We’re switching to bicycles! All our moving trucks are being replaced by good, old fashioned bikes. From 18 wheels to 2! We could not be more excited about all the money we’ll be saving on wheels.

  • moving in with your partner

    5 Tips for Moving in with Your Partner

    We play at cupid and give you some tips for moving in with your partner! Moving can be fun, but it can also be difficult. Find out how to avoid squabbles here!

  • Infographic on the growth of the self-storage industry

    INFOGRAPHIC: Self Storage Units by the Numbers

    The self storage industry is enormous and it's only growning. Check out this infographic created by to find out just how big it is.

  • infographic about bubble wrap

    INFOGRAPHIC: Bubble Wrap Fun Facts

    As a moving company, you can bet that we are huge fans of bubble wrap! But did you know that the last Monday of every January is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? Here are some fun facts to help you enjoy this special occasion.

  • how to move in winter

    5 Tips for Winter Moving

    Getting ready for a winter move? We can help you make it tolerable! Check out these five tips to help make your winter moving adventure a success.

  • season's greetings from Cassidy's 2014

    Happy Holidays from Cassidys Transfer and Storage 2014

    From all of us to all of you: Season's Greetings! We'll be back in the new year with lots of great tips.

  • 4 reasons to do your move in winter

    4 Advantages of Moving in Winter

    If moving in winter is your idea of hell, why not get the pros to do it for you? You'll be able to enjoy these 4 big advantages by doing an off-season move.

  • home staging for open house

    How to Get Your Home Ready For a Successful Open House

    Staging your home for an open house can help you sell your home more quickly and for the price you want. Learn how to get ready for your open house with the tips in this article.

  • the right neighbourhood

    How To Choose the Right Neighbourhood for Your New Home

    Finding the perfect home can be complicated, but finding the perfect neighbourhood can be just as important - and just as tricky. Learn how in our handy guide.

  • items it is not safe to pack when you move

    What NOT to Pack

    Did you know that lots of everyday household objects are actually dangerous when moving? This comprehensive list will show you what to leave behind when you hit the road to your new home.

  • electronic cables - RCA

    Packing Your Electronics for Safe Moving

    How to pack your flat panel TV, sound system and computer for a safe move to your new home, and for easy set up once you arrive.

  • garage sale

    How to Have a Profitable Garage Sale

    A garage sale is a great way to get rid of old things before you move, and earn a little bit of extra money at the same time. Not all garage sales are a success, however. Here's how to make sure yours is a winner.

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